Lies about the WiiEdit

  • After the Wii's announcement (as the Nintendo Revolution), it was said to be a "golden pyramid with a game slot for every one of Nintendo's systems."
    • This may have been a misunderstanding of the Virtual Console feature.
  • Around the same time, because of the name (Revolution) it was going to be a 3D system, where the images would come out of the TV.
    • This rumour was based on a fake 'Nintendo ON' console trailer, which showed the next Nintendo console as being a holographic projection device.
  • There was also a rumor that the system would be a virtual-reality helmet in which your movements completely controlled the characters in the game.
    • This was based on the same fake 'Nintendo ON' trailer as previously mentioned.
  • If you put a Nintendo 64 game in the Wii it will eventualy turn into an N64.
    • This is not true. It's only on a false Youtube video.

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