Lies about the Tekken seriesEdit

Tekken 2Edit

  • It was said that Lei could use his gun during a fight as it was seen hanging from his waist in one of his two costumes.

Tekken 3Edit

  • A button combination could be entered that would allow Gun Jack to deal damage to the enemy with his opening animation. The animation shows Gun Jack firing at the opponent.
  • Devil Jin is unlockable by completing insane tasks.
    • Devil Jin did not make a full appearance until Tekken 5.
  • Ogre Heihachi is unlockable, by beating Tekken Force with Heihachi 100 times. A short video clip would play, explaining the events.
    • This is false. The rumour is belived to have spread because of tekken 5's devil within containing monstorous ogre which was on early stages beived to be a Devil form of Heihachi.

Tekken 4 Edit

  • Some cheat sites featured a cheat where O + X (the kick buttons) were pressed on a PS2 controller while selecting Christie and that it would make her appear nude.
  • Devil jin was unlocked by passing everyones story mode on the hardest difficulty twice.
  • Devil jin faces Devil (Kazuya's devil form) as his final boss. Beating him with a perfect would unlock him.
  • Devil had 5 20 hit combos which were incredibly easy to preform, making him the strongest character.

Tekken 5 Edit

  • Monstourous Ogre can be unlocked by performing obscure tasks.

Tekken 6 Edit

  • Azazel can be unlocked by passing all levels on scenario campagn on hard without retrying. If you retried you would have to start the chain again.
    • Azazel is is not accessibly by any means, not even through a cheat device.

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