• Somewhere in the galaxy could be found a cloaking device that the player could equip on their Precursor vessel.
    • This rumor came from a screenshot on the back of the game's box, which showed a cloaking device in the items menu. This was an older version of the game and this feature was cut long before release
  • The Melnorme homeworld is in a hidden star system not listed on the map
  • If you spend too long in Quasi-Space, your ship will be attacked by IDF creatures
  • "Date plates" can be found in the galaxy, and sold to the Melnorme for credits.
    • Another cut feature. Leftover code and art assets can be found in the source code of the Ur-Quan Masters
  • The black Spathi Squadron roam the galaxy destroying any evil doers they come accross. The Captain can find their hidden base and form an alliance.
  • Paul Reich and Fred Ford appear in the game as gods. The player can recieve advice from them by visiting the Groombridge system.

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