Lies about Resident Evil Edit

  • There is a way to play as Wesker and do his story by trying to open a certain locked door 100 times.
    • Perhaps in response to this lie, the developers put an easter egg in the sequel, RE2. If you search a certain empty drawer 50 times, you get a roll of film containing a secret picture of Rebecca, although this easter egg was more to hint at his relationship with Rebecca that would be explored in sequels.

Lies about Resident Evil 2 Edit

  • Inputting a specific password, you can play as Akuma
  • By beating the game eight times in a row, using only a knife, no guns and no health items, you will unlock Akuma as a playable character. He cannot use guns, but instead punches, kicks, and can use Hadouken attacks.
    • This was an EGM 4/1 prank.
  • During the first licker fight letting it kill you three times will cause a gatling gun to spawn in the stars office

Lies about Resident Evil Code : Veronica X Edit

  • You can kill a Bandersnatch by shooting it with 3 bowgun arrows.

Lies about Resident Evil 4Edit

  • The game is set in a fictional European country, or in South America.
    • The original Gamecube version contains no means of identifying the location, but in the "Separate Ways" bonus mission included in other versions, Wesker's satellite image clearly shows Ada is being sent to Spain.

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