Lies about DiabloEdit

  • By clicking properly on a specific cow in Tristram, the player can access a wonderful area called the Secret Cow Level.
Diablo II actually has a well-hidden cow level, as a reference to this lie.

Lies about Diablo II Edit

  • Clicking on the gem in the center of the chat room causes various things like increased drop rates or the discovery of very rare gems.
    • Clicking on the gem displays a local only message "Gem activated/deactivated" and at random times displays messages such as "Perfect Gem activated" and "Moooo!". These effects do not do anything when starting a new game after they appear. The gem is also in the Warcraft III World Editor, and displays similar messages.

Lies about Diablo III Edit

  • Shortly following Blizzard's cryptic web roll out for Diablo 3, a rumor circulated that if you clicked on the jewel in the artwork off their homepage 100 times, it would take you to new artwork on pre-released characters.
  • There's a secret attack that will only work with Assassins that lets you get a secret weapon called the Sword of Calavair that lets you shoot an automatic K.O. attack that makes green beams shoot out of the sword at your opponent.

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