In Club Penguin, there are several lies.

Ninja LiesEdit

  • If you wait in the Dojo for 30 minutes, you will turn into a ninja.
    • The lie is needed no more as Ninjas were already released
  • When the Dojo Exterior was damaged, the penguin digging at the side was thought to be Pen Chi, the "claimed" ninja master before released.
  • One of the Three Little Islands were thought to be the Ninja Hideout. Same prinicple as in Penguin Chat 3's Hidden Boiler Room, lighten up when CP was released.

Other Lies about Club PenguinEdit

  • If you tip the Iceberg, you get coins and a special catalog to choose from.
  • In the Coffee Shop, if you say "I like Coffee", dress up as a worker and then go outside and say "Free Coffee!", you will automatically have a coffee cup in your inbox.
  • In the Furniture Catalog, if you click on the "Large Natrual Igloo" 100 times, a newer igloo will appear as "Super Duper Deluxe Room".
  • It was thought that you will die when the Iceberg tips over.
  • When you board The Migrator and wait till it leaves, you will be in it and arrive at Rockhopper Island.
  • Aunt Arctic has a husband named Uncle Arctic.
  • Sensei was thought to be gay.
  • If you say "S", then say "E" and then say "X", you will be redirected to the Sex Room of CP.

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